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Anybody reading this will now know that the live action KR47 movie is up. Here is the link < ms>

Dan is also going to see if he can get in on newgrounds as well. It might have to broken in many parts.
Anyway please go see it and leave some feedback. If everyone likes it maybe we can make another one. I know that we all had a blast making it. Hope you enjoy it!

Rock on!

Just about done!

2008-03-03 00:03:11 by Kenshin1913

Well I am just about done with the KR47 live action movie. It just needs a few more minor adjustments. The movie will officially premiere Saturday March 15. Dan and I will try to figure out how we can get it on the Internet. When we do, we will definitely tell everyone about it. I am just pretty happy that it is almost done. I feel like I have been dragging my feet on this. It am feeling good about it and think everyone who likes the series will enjoy it.

Well I hope anyone who is reading this will find this informative.

Rock On!

P.S. Here is a picture of Heatman just for the hell of it.

Just about done!

Expanding the Horizons

2008-02-15 08:46:38 by Kenshin1913

Lately I have been looking at other flashes on newgrounds. I remember when I used to come on just to play assassin games or something with Pico. Now I am giving a lot of flash series a shot. They are pretty good.
Now that I am thinking about it I wonder if newgrounds let you see when you log in if your favorite artists add anything.

The KR47 movie live action movie is coming along pretty well. I am going to try to have it finished by the beginning of march. I have just been pretty busy with school and work.

Well Take care whoever is reading this.

Rock on!

KR47 Live Action Movie

2007-12-31 11:47:29 by Kenshin1913

Hello Everyone,
My name is Peter and who ever is reading this will hopefully know I am helping out Ghosty22 (Dan) make a KR47 live action movie. It has been great fun making it. Rob is my buddy so we have been laughing a whole lot throughout the shooting of it. I am actually editing it and hopefully will be putting some of Dan's animation into as well. So hopefully it will be done soon so Dan put it on his website.

Rock On!

Little piece of trivia: KR stands for King Rob.