Here is some info....for all of us

2009-01-29 14:59:41 by Kenshin1913

Just wanted to put up a post to anyone who follows and cares about what the KR47 crew is up to.

Our 2nd Live action Movie called KR47: Band is 99% taped and I have begun editing that. So look out for that around the end of February. The footage came out really good and everything is looking good for the film. We had a lot of fun taping it.
Everytime we end up taping something it becomes better and better. Like for example in our last movie we didn't have a light kit and some shots came out really dark. Now that we have a light kit the scenes are more well lit. I also got a boom mic so now the sound quailty is much better too. Every film we make we get a little more professional everytime we do one.

We are still working on the pilot script but it took a back seat for a bit due to us focusing on filming this month. We will get back to work on that very soon.

Well that is all I can think of at the moment....

On the bottom is a picture of one of my favorite games that is finally getting a remake and coming over to the US for the first time ever! Can't wait to play it.

Here is some info....for all of us


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2009-02-01 15:19:34

I can't wait for the second kr47 movie.

On another note,

I think the pilot thing is a good idea for you guys and I think you should pitch the idea to HBO and Adultswim. HBO because they have another show kinda similar to yours called The life and times of Tim. Which is funny but the quality is shit.
I think kr47 is already better than Tim so HBO would be stupid not to pick you guys up.


Do you guys plan on making a 30 minute or a 15 Minute show

Kenshin1913 responds:

Yeah we are thinking of pitching the idea to HBO or Adultswim. I like the Life and Times of Tim but I agree the the quality isn't that good but I think it is pretty funny.

We are planning on making a 15 minute pilot.

I was editing the live action movie a few days ago and I was laughing because I love how all the shots we did are piecing together really well.


2009-02-03 17:38:32

Yes Tim is really fun, and it is very good to hear that the live action is doing well.

So by the title I'm guessing the second movie is going to be Dan making a band and Rob trying to screw him up or something like that right?


Do you know when the next kr toon is coming out

Kenshin1913 responds:

You are correct that is going to be about a band but it is actually Rob who tries to make a band and Dan trying to get into said band.

I will have to ask to Dan how the progress is coming on the next KR47. I do remember he said he finished the background for the next toon. I will keep you updated when I get some more info.


2009-02-13 08:24:01

Well that's good to hear that the movies is in it's editing stages and that you're spending time to write the pilot. I can't wait to see everything and it's good to see that you went all professional and bought some lighting and audio equipment. So yeah best of luck to you guys and I never played Dragon Quest before but I think it was Final Fantasy before Final Fantasy amirite?

Kenshin1913 responds:

Yep...Dragon Quest started the RPG genre on NES then Final Fantasy took it to another level.


2009-02-19 16:21:01

I thought it was going to be KR47: Tons of Fun

(Updated ) Kenshin1913 responds:

Oh yeah! I forgot that was going to be the title. Also I am going to upload the Blair Gorilla onto Youtube.