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2008-12-15 09:35:31 by Kenshin1913

As Dan (ghosty22) was saying we are making a Christmas Episode of KR47. After that I am not sure what Dan is going to work on. But we are also working a KR47 TV pilot. So far it we've got all the ideas and we have stringed them together now we just need to fill in all the sections. I sure it will be alot of work but also alot of fun.

An update on the new KR47 live action movie. It is about 75% shot. We are going to be taping again at the end of January and hopefully we can finish it soon after.
KR47 also has a live action short comedy skit we are going to make as well. Hopefully we can film that soon too.

An update on KR47 going to the Comic-con. Sadly we can not make it. I was looking at the prices to get a booth there and the money we would had to spend is out of league for the time being. The is another convention that is in Hartford Connecticut that we might be able to do in the Summer.

Tony Baloney is also setting up another art thing in 2009 that we might be in. So that should be alot of fun.

That's all for now.

Keep on Rockin!

Here is an image of one of my favorite movies Seven Samurai.

New Stuff


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2008-12-15 11:46:53

Good News! And Seven Samurai was a great movie, so was the anime version of it, and the Manga, and the novel. :)

Kenshin1913 responds:

Thank you Cyberdevil! You are the man! I have seen the anime version and I like it alot too. I heard they are thinking of remaking it. I think it will suck! The first one is a masterpiece. You don't go messing with a classic.


2008-12-17 19:28:00

I tried to recommend the KR47 Christmas special to the 2008 collections, but it said that it either is there already, or it was rejected. I didn't see it in there, so maybe they didn't want it... Not sure...


2008-12-17 19:29:05

Oh wait, false alarm... I checked again, and it was there...


2008-12-18 15:39:02

What's the time table for the live action movie and what's this I hear about a firehouse?

That sucks it's expensive enough just getting an apartment there and then paying for the booth. That must suck, oh well wish you the best of luck on the movie, the tv pilot and the convention.

I haven't seen the Seven Samurai before, but I did see the Magnificent Seven which is a western version of that movie. I recommend that and High Noon if you like Westerns and I'll check the Seven Samurai out.

See ya!

Kenshin1913 responds:

I don't really have a time table for the next live action movie. It will be about the Fat Guy club starting a band and Dan trying to get into it. We are going to be borrowing a firehouse to tape some scenes of the movie. The other KR47 live action short we might tape in the firehouse as well. It is about a boston guy named Tommy who is late to his wedding and his brothers are trying to find out where he is.

Yeah it was alot of money for the NY Comic-con. To get the same space we had at The Forgot to Laugh art festivial would cost about $1000. Thanks for support with everything!

I have watched the Magnificent Seven and I liked that movie alot. I own High Noon but I have not had a chance to watch it yet.