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2008-11-11 09:24:51 by Kenshin1913

Hello good people of Newgrounds...
We be KR47 and we are going to be at this event. Check us out if you be in CT.


1 Lincoln St. New Haven, CT
(between Trumbull and Audubon)
On street parking on Audubon St. and Trumbull St.
Saturday November 15th 2008
Doors open at 7:30pm
Show starts at 8pm
First come, first served.
$10 tickets at the door (cash only).

email for more information.

The performers are...
Polly Sonic: LED & fire spinning
Eric Girardi: yo-yo tricks
Kim Mikenis: puppeteer
Donna Winter: song stylist
Crazy Craig & Juggling Jack: jugglers
Keith Lorain: musical comedy
The Amazing Andy: magician
Mike Franzman: comic MC

Animations by...
Bill Plympton, Spike & Mike, A Town Called Panic, Billy Blob, Nomadtoons, Gobler Toys, Corky Quakenbush, Simon O'Reilly, Abel Oner, KR47, Kim Mikenis, Peter Weaver, u-c-e-r* and Swearbears.

Forgot to Laugh


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2008-11-11 11:23:04


Kenshin1913 responds:

Hello good person...
We Be KR47 and we are going to be at this event. Check us out if you be in CT.


2008-11-20 18:50:27

So how was it?

Kenshin1913 responds:

It was really cool. We got to see alot of cool animations and some funny performances. We gave out alot of buttons and stickers.
There are actually some animators that are on newgrounds. If you look up Billy Blob, Gobler Toys, Nomadtoons they are on newgrounds. We saw a really good animation called Karma Ghost from Billy Blob that is on newgrounds. It won a Sundance Animation Festival Award.
We also some animations from Bill Plympton. One of them was called Guard Dog which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.


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