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2008-11-02 16:12:52 by Kenshin1913

I just want to let everyone know it has been a busy and wild week for the KR47 crew.

A good friend of mine is getting married. Chris and Ashley are tying the knot.
So congrats to them!
Update: The wedding party was very good and I has a blast.

Next I want to let everyone know that there are 4 new website exclusive comics up at
www. KR47. com

There are so many themes this week which is why I put up double the amount!
Since the wedding is coming up we have a wedding/love theme.

Also Friday was Halloween so that is also a theme this week.

Finally election day is Tuesday so we have a political theme as well.

Check them out!

Next, KR47 is finally on facebook!
Check us out there at
http://www.facebook. com/group. php?gid=33122586658
if you have a facebook account too!

Also if you didn't know we also have a myspace too. useaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=37 8820569

Lastly we are going to be at the

Forgot to Laugh
Sideshow and Animation Festival
Saturday November 15th 2008
Doors open at 7:30 pm
Show starts at 8 pm
$10 tickets at the door

Come down (if you are in the area) and enjoy the festivities with us and the other animators and performers at the show.

We are going be giving away free stickers, buttons, and selling T-Shirts.

We have also added this event to our facebook group.
So check it out!

Here is the link for more Info html

Keep on Rockin!

Here is a flyer of Forgot to Laugh

Events going on


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2008-11-02 16:17:44


Kenshin1913 responds:

Thanks person!


2008-11-02 16:43:34


Kenshin1913 responds:

Oh.... I did.


2008-11-07 10:59:26

So what are you guys doing at the festival? Are you going to show and of the movies?

(Updated ) Kenshin1913 responds:

We are going to be giving out our goods (stickers and buttons) and selling some T-shirts.

Basically what is happening is we are going to be in a theater. There are going to be various performances (like puppets, comedy and jugglers.) Between each act they are going to show various animations from the people who are submitted cartoons. Then more performances and more animations and at the end there is going to be lady breathing fire and stuff.

It is going to be really cool!


2008-11-08 23:58:53

Sounds really cool. Man wish I had some extra cash or I would go or at least by a TShirt. Maybe when I get a job.