New York Anime Festival 2008

2008-09-25 10:18:54 by Kenshin1913


Just wanted to let people know that I am going to the New York Anime Festival this year. It should be pretty fun. One of the big reasons I am going is because Yoshitaka Amano is going to be there. He is the guy who draws the art for most of the Final Fantasy games and Vampire Hunter D. I bought a book of his art work so he could sign it. My sister told me that there were only going to be about 50 tickets to see him so I might not be able to see him at all. I am also looking forward to the Dealer rooms as well. They alway have interesting things for sale.

On a side note I have been making some KR47 buttons and I will be handing them out at the the festival as well. I am also making some flyers to hand out as well. So if you are going look for the guy with the KR47 t-shrit on and get a button and a flyer.

Also I have been looking on how to make your own stickers so that I can also distribute them at other events I go to. Along with that we are going to making some special T-shrits to sell at an art festival we(meaning the KR47 crew) will be going to.

Forgot to Laugh
Sideshow and Animation Festival
New Haven, CT.
Saturday November 15th 2008
Doors open at 7:30pm
Show starts at 8pm
$10 tickets at the door.

And finally I am going to look into getting KR47 to get a booth at the New York Comic-Con. I will keep people posted on that.

Keep on Rockin!


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2008-10-05 13:01:37

So what was the name of the guy who wrote that original 'Message to Newgrounds?"