Starting a website

2008-05-27 13:48:47 by Kenshin1913

We the folks at KR47 are starting a website. It is going to be really good when we get it going. Right now it is under construction but we have grand plans for it.

Visit the website at <>


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2008-06-10 14:33:51

Looks really good so far.

Kenshin1913 responds:

Nice! thanks for the support.


2008-06-11 18:03:33

Yeah, but doesn't Dan already have a Ghosty Films website?

Kenshin1913 responds:

yeah but with the popularity of KR47 "growing" we decided to make a webpage just based on that. There are tons of other things that both Rob and Dan made besides just the cartoon that we wanted to share that stuff with everyone. Also we have future plans to do more live action short movies featuring the KR47 characters. Dan still works on his own stuff too like his music and Chanter Tales.


2008-07-10 13:57:31

Use that $100 toward the bills to that awesome website!
Or just whatever.

Kenshin1913 responds:

That is a good idea! I may put it away for the website bills.


2008-07-10 15:00:56

Congrats on the hundred bucks.

Kenshin1913 responds:

Thanks good sir or fellow.


2008-07-10 15:06:57

you got teh money :>

Kenshin1913 responds:

Money,Money, Money. Everybody's got a price! Everybodies gonna pay!

Million Dollar Man Baby!


2008-07-10 16:09:50

Hey cool someone that helps out with one of my favorite flash cartoons won $100!
Congrats, you deserve it!

Kenshin1913 responds:

Thanks! I will keep helping out Ghosty so we can make some more funny flashes for you to enjoy.


2008-07-10 16:59:21

Nice Site If you ask me it's good enough to probably be classed as Finished but If that's still under construction i'd love to see what it's like when it's done

Kenshin1913 responds:

Yeah I'd say it is about 80% done. Like I said we got some grand plans for it.


2008-07-10 16:59:40

Oh and gratz on the $100

Kenshin1913 responds:

Thanks agian!


2008-07-10 17:15:43

suo homboy!

Kenshin1913 responds:

What! What! I gotz the skillz to pay the billz!


2008-07-10 17:30:03

Wow! You won the $100 giveaway thing! Cool! Maybe you can use it to get your new light kit!

Kenshin1913 responds:

I just got my light kit yesterday! be ready for some filming soon!


2008-07-10 21:33:37

Congrats. You won 100 bucks.

Kenshin1913 responds:

Thanks my friend.
Hey does anyone know who I have to contact in order to get the $100?

Thanks in advance!


2008-07-10 23:47:31

They'll probably just mail you a check. Is your contact info page filled out?

Kenshin1913 responds:

I'd better double check that shit.


2008-07-11 09:06:54

lucky you have a hundered buxs

Kenshin1913 responds:

Thanks and yay for me!


2008-07-11 10:22:24

Roflmao, now you will run moar tiem the site

Kenshin1913 responds:

Yes I will! I like cake. I might buy some with the cash-ola!


2008-07-15 05:52:10

Give me your cash! Now!